A Journey into the creative process through the amazing disassembling sculptures of Berrocal


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Berrocal's sculptures can be taken apart, transformed and combined.
They are like playful and fun 3d puzzles that invite the viewer to become active, to interact with them, and explore new concepts and volumes within the very structure of the work.

The disassembly process is just one of the 2 famous characteristics of Berrocal's Art. Join the experience to learn about the other too ;)
More importantly Berrocal's creative legacy is a powerful mix of Art + Science + Technology and entrepreneurship; as a true pioneer he anticipated ideas that are now common in our every day lives. All this makes the experience interesting for many kinds of audiences and relentlessly succeeds in captivating even the most stern art skeptics.

By visiting Berrocal's Studio-Workshop or Museum, either IRL and now also online, you will learn how the creative process works, you'll discover how the idea of the disassembly process and his other signature concepts came to be.
His legacy will without any doubt inspire your own creative path, whichever it might be: the Art of Berrocal, and this online experience/exhibition in particular, has universal lessons for people of any kind, age and profession.

Get inspired and book your visit now, or, if you can, join us in real life, and discover the wonders of the Berrocal Creative Universe, a 3 place exhibition venue (the Museum, the Artist's Studio-Workshop and the House-Museum), in the heart of Andalusia, south of Spain.


/// the best possible host

The visit is guided by Beltran Berrocal, son of the artist. This means a more intimate and direct experience, enriched with real life anecdotes and family stories.
I'm a 360º designer, developer, educator, and serial entrepreneur. I use the lessons I've learned from my father's Art and Creative Legacy every day and in every kind of work I do. It's my superpower and I will share it with you in this experience


/// a Sneak Peek

check these videos to understand more why you might be interested in the experience


/// What people said about the experience

  • " There is a before and an after having visited the Berrocal Studio-Workshop "

    Damian Lopez - Designer

  • "...The past was there to remind us of the future. Omnipresent. Monumental. A Sculpted void. Filled with Vision."

    Davide Bernardis - creative director

  • " Berrocal Rules!! "

    anonymous visitor


/// Who is it for

  • this experience is more suited to late teens and older audiences, but ask us about the family and kids friendly variations we can propose

  • Science and Engineering lovers: find out how Berrocal used Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and his unending passion for Technology to create really amazing works. We'll show you why it's important to go from STEM to STEAM

  • Entrepreneurs: lot's of lessons to learn from the experience of an all-round artist-engineer-entrepreneur

  • Any creative mind: the experience will spark your creativity, make you want to create stuff or inform how you should progress in your own creative research

  • Puzzle lovers: if you are a puzzle lover, you already know about Berrocal ;)

  • Teams: we can customize the experience for a virtual team building session and create a custom workshop tailored to your needs


/// Customizations

ask us about:
- other languages (Spanish, Italian, French and English)
- other times and dates, we can open an event for your needs and timezone
- family and kids friendly variations
- team buildings variations and workshops

- if you own a Berrocal sculpture we can do a private session for you and your friends, where you will play with your work, disassembling and reassembling it with us, and learning more about the unique stories of the artwork you own
- for all these and more, write us to visitas@berrocal.net


/// Practical information

Other Dates See all available Dates
Duration60-90 minutes
Languages this experience is in English, you can experience this in Spanish, English, Italian and French > links coming soon
HostBeltran Berrocal, family of the artist


/// How to best experience it

  • The bigger the screen you can experience this, the better.
  • you can sit down comfortably on your couch, but if you have a Berrocal sculpture you could bring it and we recommend putting on a table where the webcam can look at it closely and in front of you

/// Share the Love

  • Every experience is always better with friends and loved ones, please share the love by pointing your friends to this page
  • You can also join us on facebook.com/feberrocal

When 06 Jan 2021
Time 10:00

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